Welcome to Vaclav Great Danes.  We feel that a kennel name should be a unique signature to represent an individual breeding style and line.  Over the years, we have enjoyed other coat colors, but we have come to the conclusion that blue and black Great Danes should be our specialty.  We are anxious to proudly see Vaclav on future pedigrees of the magnificent! 
Vaclav Kubes was our first ancestor who traveled here from Europe in the 1800's.  Meaning,"More Glory", the first name, Vaclav, was used by many kings over the centuries. We encourage our past puppy families and referrals to explore the changes we have made to our breeding program for the better.  
We have a specific desire to produce a old world style Dane, with health, substance, elegance, and character. It has taken us many years to locate and establish our foundation dogs. The superior quality of the Great Danes in our program have come to us from the finest bloodlines in Europe and America. What is the difference? American vs European? CLICK HERE
We remain a family oriented indoor breeder and our puppies are born and raised with human interaction. Our entire family thoroughly enjoys getting to know each and every puppy born here and we cherish our time together. Your puppy will be socialized by our children, our pack of adult Danes and our spoiled cats.  Our puppies are trained to use a doggie door with us, and will be acclimated to a crate before going home.  
 Great Danes desire nothing more than to be a part of whatever you are doing with more loyalty than you can imagine.  However, proper training and socialization are incredibly important.  In order to insure our puppies are placed in homes who are aware of the commitment required to own a Great Dane, we require a thorough screening process before you are considered for one of our puppies. Please take a moment to fill out our application and I will schedule a phone consultation with you.  
Over the last 100 years these dogs have been raised to be nothing other than our faithful companions and guardians. Once you experience Dane ownership, you will except no substitute from another breed. We are excited for the opportunity to share the experience with new families and thank you for considering us for your new addition. We have met the most extraordinary people who share our passion for this wonderful breed and look forward to meeting you as well. 

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LITTER ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Goethyt and Curea from Columbia River Great Danes have a new litter!